Designers and builders of Loudspeakers in the BBC tradition

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German magazine HIFIStatement reviews the SB-88 here. (German) or here (Google translation to English)

Mark Hennessy’s page on the original Rogers and BBC Loudspeakers

Mark Hennessy’s page on Other Models, which has history of the LS3/6 design

The Unofficial LS3/5a Support Site

Yahoo LS3/5a User Group

HiFi Unlimited’s visit to see the 001/002 pair of LS3/5as

Stereophile’s 1977 review of the BBC LS3/5 by J Gordon Holt

“The design of the miniature monitoring loudspeaker type LS3/5a” - BBC Paper

Cicable - makers of external crossovers for the LS3/5a, BC-1, and custom commisions

One4Power Mains Distribution Units