Designers and builders of Loudspeakers in the BBC tradition

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To ensure greater production consistency Stirling Broadcast is switching to glued on rear panels across the range. Extensive testing has revealed no performance changes.

All of Stirling Broadcast’s loudspeaker offerings have been designed by Derek Hughes, son of Spencer Hughes who, with his wife Dorothy, started the company Spendor Audio Systems.

Derek has worked in the Audio industry for nearly 50 years, both with the BBC in audio and video engineering and with Spendor Audio Systems where he was Technical Director. He has been involved with the design and production of some of the world’s finest domestic and professional loudspeaker systems and currently works as a consultant designer for several companies in the UK, and also with Cicable who sell high quality external crossovers for both the original and our V2 version of the LS3/5a, for the Spendor BC-1 and also for custom commissions.  

Derek is therefore extremely familiar with the BBC style of loudspeaker design and is the ideal partner for Stirling Broadcast.

Derek’s website can be seen here.

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