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To ensure greater production consistency Stirling Broadcast is switching to glued on rear panels across the range. Extensive testing has revealed no performance changes.




HiFiStatement reviews the SB-88 here (in German) or here (Google translation to English).

Stereophile’s Sam Tellig reviews the SB-88 in the February 2014 edition (purchasable here) and as a result was listed as a Stereophile Class B speaker (see here): “With a convincing soundstage and a sound that was laid-back, sweet,and honest, the SB-88 always drew ST deep into the music.”

Mark Hennessy reviews the SB-88 here.

ToneAudio takes a preliminary look at the SB-88 here.

Howard Milstein reviews the LS3/6 in The Sound Advocate here: “Like its much older sibling, the Spendor BC1, the Stirling LS3/6 is a music lovers’ “dream come true” loudspeaker. As such, it is a resounding high-end loudspeaker success and at its asking price is worth its weight in gold!”

The LS3/6 was listed as a Stereophile Class B speaker for 2014 (see here): “the LS3/6 produced a natural, compelling sound, with a good sense of space and an especially warm, rich, textured midrange - Heartily recommended.”  Art Dudleys review for Stereophile is here.

Robert E. Greene in The Absolute Sound said “To say that I like and admire the LS3/6 is to understate the case. This speaker seems to me a true realization of a dream that many audiophiles have held for a long time: a modern (and available) speaker with the unique virtues of the Spendor BC-1/ BBC LS3/6.”. See here.

Remusic reviews the LS3/6 here.

The Stirling LS3/5a V2 won the Hi Fi News Award for loudspeakers up to £1000 in 2005 and 2006. See here, here and here for Ken Kessler’s review.

The Absolute Sound awarded the LS3/5a V2 an Editor's Choice award in 2006 and 2007. See here for Paul Seydor’s review.

In 2007 John Atkinson of Stereophile reviewed the Stirling LS3/5 V2 (see here) and it was then listed as a Stereophile Class B product. See here for Stereophile’s overview of the different versions of the LS3/5a.

In 2008 the Italian Audio Magazine Fedelta’ del Suono awarded the Bookshelf category to the V2, which can be downloaded here (in Italian).

Martin Colloms reviewed the V2 as part of an article on the history of the LS3/5a, seen here.

ToneAudio reviewed the V2 in issue 17 of it’s magazine, which can be downloaded here. reviews the V2 here.

Jason Kennedy of HiFi+ reviews the LS3/5a V3 here.

Pascal Grammon of ADHF Studio reviews the LS3/5a V3 here (in French)

Wikipedia has a page on the LS3/5a here, and the Unofficial LS3/5a Support Site has copious information on the LS3/5a and it’s history, including the Kingswood Warren prototypes that the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a cabinets are based on.